Clean Sweep of Ft. Oglethorpe


Dedicated to Cleanliness.

Welcome to Clean Sweep of Ft. Oglethorpe in northern Georgia. Our company specializes in industrial and commercial street and parking lot sweeping. As part of our comprehensive cleanup services, we also offer turnkey groundskeeping including landscaping. Established in 1984, Clean Sweep of Ft. Oglethorpe is doing our part to minimize the environmental effects of runoff.

Cleaner Streams with Street Sweeping

To ensure that the waterways of your property or municipality are safe and environmentally sound, opt for street sweeping. Along with removing the obvious trash and debris, street sweeping minimizes urban runoff. This runoff is a slurry of vehicle emissions, chemical waste, and toxic materials.

Unless runoff is removed, the materials are absorbed into the soil and carried into the water source. By choosing street sweeping and groundskeeping for your company or municipality, runoff is reduced. In addition to helping improve the aesthetics of property, this also increases the value and safety of commercial and industrial environments.

Choose Clean Sweep Street Sweeping Services in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA

Our goal is to offer comprehensive street and parking lot sweeping solutions. We engage in interior cleanup for warehouses, along with large debris removal for construction sites. To learn more about how Clean Sweep of Ft. Oglethorpe can benefit your business or municipality, Contact our Office at 423-877-9192.